Saturday, May 18, 2013

Filler Post: New York Art Quartet; Woody Shaw; Nik Bartsch; Vijay iyer

Hank Shteamer has an excellent essay on the new boxed set by the New York Art Quartet:
  • "We've come to know and love the so-called "energy music" designation, but we've also learned that it's been a double-edged sword in the long term, this notion of free-jazz as some sort of quasi-religious expressionism, some heroic shout to the heavens that inevitably takes at least an hour to exhaust itself." 

Destination-Out has a post with mp3 from the great trumpet player Woody Shaw:
  • "Moving from open atmospherics to funky back-beat and back again, the tune ebbs and flows under the masterly hand of bandleader Shaw, who does most of the soloing."
Innerviews features a lengthy discussion with Nik Bartsch:
  • "Bärtsch’s aesthetic is informed by an interest in Japanese martial arts. He’s an avid practitioner of Aikido, a practice steeped in the idea that trust, commitment and humility serve as the underpinnings for distinctive individual life paths."
Jazz Club Jury has a video interview with Vijay Iyer.

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