Saturday, June 29, 2013

Francois Carrier - Overground to The Vortex (Not Two, 2013)

Canadian alto saxophone player Francois Carrier was given a six month residency at the Vortex Jazz Club in London, to develop his music in a wide variety of formats. This album was recorded live at that Vortex Jazz Club in London and features Michel Lambert on drums, John Edwards on bass and Steve Beresford on piano. The music is very exciting, dynamic, and open; developing four lengthy and powerful collective improvisations. "Mile End" and "Bow Road" develops the group's message, although nominally under Carrier's leadership, the group performs as an organic whole. This is best seen on the epic twenty-five minute "Archway" which develops a nearly suite-like form, as the instruments weave in and out, with solo spots and different passages that focus on the individual musicians in duo or trio format as well. Using a blend of modern jazz and free improvisation, they are able to create space for spontaneous and soaring interactive playing. Carrier has a full bodied tone and leads some bracing improvisations that are taken at an exhilarating pace. The group develops a crystalline sound which builds in abstraction, but still remains accessible with the musicians in full support of one another. The music is exploratory and continuously evolving as it proceeds, developing layer upon layer as it proceeds. Francois Carrier - Overground to The Vortex: NotTwo Records

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