Saturday, June 01, 2013

Guerrilla Toss - Guerrilla Toss (Tzadik, 2013)

Guerrilla Toss is a band that combines a wide variety of extreme music into a very potent combination of hair-raising mayhem. Consisting of Kassie Carlson on vocals, Simon Sheldon Hanes on bass guitar, Ian Kovac, Jr. on synthesizer, Peter Negroponte on drums and electronics and Arian Shafiee on guitar. The are the perfect band for the radical aesthetic of the Tzadik label, channeling everything from raw noise to free improvisation and building up wild flights of fancy that begin at a scalding temperature and never let up. Carlson’s vocals act almost like a free jazz saxophone, screeching and wailing and scrambling for purchase against the tumult of the instruments. Blasting forth with the raging “Cash Now” the bands music brings to mind ensembles like Zorn’s Painkiller or Japanese noise bands. They develop a powerful collective improvisation, incorporating electronics and potent drumming. The title “Diluted Fetus Circuit Tycoon” kind of gives you an idea where the music is headed, with the amped-up guitar, bass and drums lay waste to the proceedings aided and abetted by synthesizer and wordless vocals. This is not for every taste, but for those who enjoy the wilder side of noise-rock and jazz there is a lot to explore on this album. Guerilla Toss -

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