Monday, June 24, 2013

Short-Take: Brainkiller - Colourless Green Superheroes (RareNoiseRecords, 2013)

Given the name Brainkiller, I expected a full-frontal sonic assault akin to John Zorn’s slash and burn group Painkiller. This was not the case however, for the most part the record was quite tuneful and relieved heavily on rhythm. Consisting of Brian Allen on trombone, Jacob Koller on keyboards and piano on Hernan Hecht on drums, they develop a wide sound palette that belies the trio format. There were a few heavy moments like the King Crimson-esque stomp on “Secret Mission” but mostly the group used a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments to create miniature musical segments. “Otaku Goes To A Rave” develops a fractured dance music playfulness, using electric piano and agile drumming to set the pace. “Plates” develops a thick bass groove from the keyboard, while short bursts of trombone and drums keep the music lively. Colourless Green Superheroes - RareNoiceRecords

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