Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ben Goldberg - Subatomic Particle Homesick Blues (BAG Records, 2013)

This is the acoustic album with the wonderful title that alludes to both Bob Dylan and high-energy physics research. Goldberg plays clarinets in various settings supported by: Devin Hoff on bass, Ches Smith on drums, Scott Amendola on percussion for a few tracks, Joshua Redman on tenor saxophone and Ron Miles on trumpet. The album has a bit of a swing feel to it, as the music drifts out into duos, trios and full band pieces. Everyone seems to work well together and no one overplays or dominates. “Who Dies and Where I Moved To” has a deep dark mournful clarinet sound resonating against probing tenor saxophone and bass, before the drums mor in and the horns start riffing a happier feel. Subatomic Particle Homesick Blues -

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