Monday, July 15, 2013

Little Women - Lung (AUM Fidelity, 2013)

Little Women is a very exciting collective group featuring Travis Laplante on tenor saxophone, Darius Jones on alto saxophone, Andrew Smiley on guitar and Jason Nazary on drums. They combine free-jazz cacophony to progressive rock power to create a wholly unique and well developed sound. Consisting of one LP length track, which was amazingly recorded in one take, the music on this album is ominous and daunting, beginning with sounds of labored breathing that develop an eerie feeling, and resonate at certain points throughout the track. The sounds build episodically, from sections of anticipatory calmness to those of all out hair-raising collective improvisation taken at a furious pace and packing a brutal whallop. Dynamics are the key to this album’s success. Whereas 2010’s extraordinary Throat album hit you with a full frontal sonic assault, Lung takes a much more insidious approach, with loud - soft contrasts that confound expectation and give an air of uneasy tension to the album. The band is capable of unleashing a massive wave of noise, with Jones and Laplante honking and screaming epic waves of sound while Smiley sparks lightning bolts of superheated plasma and Nazary pounds maniacally. On these free, pedal to the metal sections, the closest analogy would be the cinematic work of John Zorn’s like his Goddard/Spillane album. Little Women also draws from the energy and passion of metal and alternative rock as well as jazz. Lung -

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