Monday, August 05, 2013

Matt Ulery's Loom - Wake An Echo (Greenleaf, 2013)

Matt Ulery’s band Loom sounds like a much larger ensemble than it really is. Consisting of Ulery on bass, Marquis Hill on trumpet, Geof Bradfield on bass clarinet, Rob Clearfield on piano and accordion and Jon Deitemyer on drums, their music focuses on episodic arrangements, long performances that weave differing colors and textures. "The Lady Vanishes" opens up the album with a medium tempoed lush arrangement building to a faster piano solo framed by swirling brass and clarinet. "Coriander" is one of the album’s highlights, with Clearfield ascending and descending the piano in a very well played feature. "Over Under Other" builds drama and then releases the tension was a very good feature for piano, bass and drums. They push and pull the momentum of the performance before making way for the remainder of the band to return. Clearfield switches to accordion on “My Favorite Stranger” making for an evocative sound when blended with trumpet and clarinet. Hill and Deitmeyer are excellent as well with a section of strong trumpet over rolling drums. “Carefree” lives up to its title, sporting light, spacious and pastel hued horns and a solid bass solo by the leader to round things out. Most of the compositions on this album were lengthy and packed with information. The music is not solo-centric, but uses the full band as the palette for its narrative. Wake An Echo -

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