Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mostly Other People Do The Killing - Red Hot (Hot Cup, 2013)

The wonderful progressive jazz group Mostly Other People Do the Killing has gently skewered jazz genres from hard-bop to smooth jazz. On this album they turn their sights to early jazz combining the music of the 1920’s with their post-modern aesthetic. The core lineup of the band remains the same: Peter Evans on trumpet, Jon Irabagon on saxophones, Moppa Elliott on bass and Kevin Shea on drums. For this album, they also welcome guests: Brandon Seabrook on banjo, Rob Stabinsky on piano and David Taylor on trombone. This does alter the bands sound slightly, but works very well considering the type of music they are exploring on this album. Stabinsky in particular shows wit and bravado and an encyclopedic knowledge of the music that is on display throughout, referencing everything from early jazz through contemporary pop music. “The Shickshinny Shimmy” moves toward the goal of combining the group’s modern jazz feel with the of the music which is nearly 100 years old. The mash up works surprisingly well, especially during Irabagon’s witty solo. “Red Hot” which begins with a piercing tone before developing into a happy lurching groove, propelled by Seabrook’s driving banjo and fast paced trills. “King of Prussia” has some excellent bowed bass soloing in an open and expansive setting. An interesting drum solo opens “Zelienople” before the horns come in to take over. The album works well, and cements the group’s position as one of the most interesting bands on the current jazz scene. Red Hot -

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