Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shauli Einav - Generations (Posi-Tone, 2013)

Shauli Einav is an up and coming jazz saxophonist from Israel. He has a light and buoyant tone that is very appealing on tenor and soprano saxophones and the remainder of the group consists of Itai Kriss on flute, Don Friedman on piano, Or Bareket on bass and Eliot Zigmund on drums. “Thermo Blues” opens the album with the quartet playing with great dexterity, and the leader moves from a choppy theme into a confident tenor saxophone solo. There is a medium tempoed jaunty swing on “The More I See You” where Freidman’s rippling piano leads the band into a deep and accessible swing. The flute of Itai Kriss enters on “As You Like It” intertwined with Einav’s saxophone. In the pocket bass and drums are quite supportive of a lengthy flute solo. Musicians trade phrases, and then take the tune out. Saxophone and flute again intertwine on “Land of Nod” where an interesting drum rhythm sets up some strong, gutsy tenor saxophone, and then there is a section of subtle bubbling percussion with the softer breath of flute. “Renewal” is also a very exciting song, with Einav switching to soprano saxophone, and the light tone of that instrument combined with flute make for a light and airy sound. Saxophone and extended flute solos follow before the two instruments return to harmony and a driving drum feature leads to a graceful fade out. This album worked quite well, and mainstream jazz fans should find much to interest them. The combined front line of saxophone and flute made for an appealing combination and the rhythm section played very well whether supporting or soloing. Generations -

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