Monday, December 09, 2013

Erik Lamberth - Opportunity (CDBaby, 2013)

Philadelphia based guitarist Erik Lamberth leads a swinging quartet session with Thomas Wyatt on drums, Vince Ryan on piano, and Leif Dunn on bass. The highlight of the album is their version of the Miles Davis classic “So What”which develops with dark flavored piano slowly  hinting at the melody. They band gradually builds in with the guitar leading at a medium tempo, developing a nice swinging performance with solid loping bass and cool guitar accentuating over the top. They develop a meditative and hypnotic vibe on this performance that works very well. Wes Montgomery’s “West Coast Blues” shows Lamberth playing in a tone that hints at western swing and working well with the drummer leading up to a nice break for a piano solo. “The Party” has a more filled out arrangement where Lamberth moves into a bluesy tone reminiscent of B.B. King. This a solid and swinging album suitable for late night relaxing and the band plays in a congenial and accessible manner. Opportunity - CDBaby

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