Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Know You Well Miss Clara - Chapter One (MoonJune, 2013)

The band I Know You Well Miss Clara may have an unusual name (named after an acquaintance of one of the band members) but they represent an interesting musical scene of progressive rock and jazz fusion from Indonesia. Citing influences ranging from Canterbury to Weather Report, the band which consists of Reza Ryan on guitar, Adi Wijaya on keyboards, Enriko Gultom on bass and Alfiah Akbar on drums. Nicholas Combe sits in on saxophone for the final two tracks, “Dangerous Kitchen” and “A Dancing Girl From Planet Marsavishnu Named After The Love.” These tracks are among the jazziest and most accessible on the album, conjuring thoughts or Return to Forever and like minded bands that used texture to meld a wide variety of influences into a coherent whole. Other tracks include the slow building “Open the Door, See the Ground” and “Reverie #2” which have King Crimson overtones in their dark and ominous structure of building up to powerful improvisational sections. I know it seems like I am name checking a lot of bands to put this group’s music in context, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I Know You Well Miss Clara covers quite a wide range of musical territory and are quite successful in integrating these strands into a cohesive sound. This bodes well for future chapters in their musical adventure. Chapter One - amazon.com

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