Thursday, January 09, 2014

Andrew Hill - Solos: The Jazz Session (Original Spin Media, 2010)

Although he may not have had such a high profile as some of the other musicians of his generation, pianist and composer Andrew Hill left an indelible impact on jazz that continues to this day. The Jazz Solos series, released both on CD and DVD are quite interesting in premise, as the musicians not only play but speak about themselves and their craft. I am not sure the date that this was recorded, but it may have been toward the end of the pianists life. Hill is quite self-effacing about his work, talking about his background in vague terms, and then beginning to play haunting and reflective music on “East Ninth Street” and “Bent Forward.” He then speaks about some of the more technical aspects of his musical worldview before performing “Tough Love” a very lengthy meditation that finds Hill at his most hypnotic. Finishing with a few words at the end of the recording, the music is over all too soon, but serves as a welcome reminder of the unique place in jazz that Andrew Hill held.Andrew Hill - Solos: The Jazz Sessions -

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