Friday, January 03, 2014

The Wrong Object - After the Exhibition (MoonJune, 2013)

Drawing from inspirations ranging from Frank Zappa to progressive rock and jazz fusion, the group The Wrong Object meld a wider variety of influences into a unique whole. The group consists of Michael DeVille on guitar and electronics, Antoine Guenet on keyboards and vocals, Marti Melia on tenor and bass saxophones and clarinet, Francois Lourtie on alto, tenor and soprano saxophones and voice, Pierre Mottet on bass and Laurent Delchambre on percussion. Benoit Moerlen sits in on vibes and marimbia on several tracks. The opener “Detox Gruel” works well with powerful drums and saxophone making way for snarling electric guitar. Other tracks of note include “Frank Nuts” where the two saxophones open politely only to have the rest of band come storming through like a group of barbarians led by a roiling organist. “Flashlight Into a Black Hole” has a nice groove for electric bass and drums, while saxophones and electric piano enter and tenor saxophone breaks free for a potent solo over the hard charging group. This was a solid album from a coherent and thoughtful group and may appeal to fans of forward looking progressive rock or electric jazz. After The Exhibition -

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