Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Magic Band Plays The Music Of Captain Beefheart - Live In London 2013 (Proper Records, 2013)

The Magic Band is led by former members of the band of the great avant-garde rock musician Captain Beefheart, aka Don Van Vleit. Original members John "Drumbo" French, Danny "Feelers Reebo" Walley and Mark "Rockette Morton" Boston delve deeply into the Captain’s music in their own unique way. Recorded live in London on March 16, 2013, the band is involved in making a true musical statement of the legacy of the great Captain Beefheart. The album begins with some classics from the Beefheart canon like the wonderfully titled “My Human Gives Me Blues” and the absolutely stomping “Diddy Wah Diddy.” The music is quite angular but it remains accessible throughout, like on “Owed T’Alex” with shards of guitar and deeply rhythmic percussion. The ominous “When It Blows Its Stacks” is a revelation, with the band building the tension along with the haunting and disturbing lyrics Better watch out there’s a man eater around/Hide all the women in town/When it blows its stacks… Things build to a deeply coiled tension before a powerful release. Overall this is a well done album, and must have been a great show to attend in person. The Magic Band does a wonderful job of keeping the music and legacy of one of America’s most unique musicians alive and well. The Magic Band Plays the Music of Captain Beefheart - Live in London 2013 -

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