Friday, March 07, 2014

Ferrian/Pissavini/Quattrini Trio featuring Sabir Mateen - The UneXPected (NotTwo, 2013)

This collective band consists of Sabir Mateen on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Stefano Ferrian on alto and tenor saxophones, Luca Pissavini on bass and Andrea Quattrini on drums. This is a disc length album of spontaneous music which was recorded live at the Novara Jazz Festival in 2010. The music ranges from the farthest out free jazz to subtle moments of swing. There are some excellent exchanges of saxophone and clarinet on The Unexpected” while the scalding improvisation of “No Questions For Tomorrow” leads into the surprisingly lyrical “Smoking the Past.” All of these separate threads are woven together on “The Dewey Song” an epic improvisation packed with strong soloing and complex interplay that leaves the listener exhausted but wanting more. I was originally drawn to this disc by Sabir Mateen, who is one of my favorite musicians. He plays as brilliantly as expected, but so does the rest of the group who play all out and do whatever it takes in service of the music. The Unexpected -

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