Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jon Lundbom and Big Five Chord - Liverevil (Jon Lundbom/Hot Cup, 2013)

Guitarist Jon Lundbom leads a wonderful band on this in concert LP featuring Jon Irabagon on alto and soprano saxophone, Bryan Murray on tenor and baritone saxophone, Moppa Elliott on bass, Dan Monaghan on drums and Matt Kanelos on keyboards. Opening the album, “The Difference” is an uptempo performance that has a nice swinging feel. Lundbom’s guitar and the drums develop an intense and strong groove, before Irabagon’s saxophone enters in a quasi-free interlude. “Tick-Dog” perhaps a spiritual successor to Sonny Sharrock’s “Dick-Dog” features guitar and saxophone probing, before bass and drums muscle into the scene followed by wild saxophone and drums which take off for the stratosphere. Kanelos’ electric piano opens “Our Sun” playing off Monaghan’s drums to create a hypnotic groove-intense musical field. Long tones of saxophone lead the band into an exciting full throttle improvisation. “Now’s the Time/Maypole Dance” opens teasing the bebop standard with streams of stuttering saxophone. Moving into the second section, Irabagon digs even deeper, howling over great guitar, bass and drums accompaniment. Nice fluid guitar, bass and drums rocking out hard “First Harvest/Evening Shadows” along with sweet blasts of intense horn. “Bring Forth the Battalions” has Lundbom front and center playing spiky guitar only to be met by hammering saxophone with a ball-peen ferocity. They really do not let up for the full length of this double album and at the end patience is rewarded with the deliriously fun “Have You Ever Seen a Woman as Big as Martha?” with Irabagon developing a circular saxophone sound that builds in force until it overwhelms. This album was uniformly excellent and is a wonderful example of the type of forward thinking jazz that leaves the jazz-is-dead naysayers in the dust. Liverevil - amazon.com

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