Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bobby Avey - Authority Melts From Me (Whirlwind Records, 2014)

Pianist Bobby Avery looked to the fertile musical ground of Haiti for inspiration for his latest LP. That impoverished country hosts a vibrant musical history and was a wellspring of inspiration for Avey and his band which consists of Miguel Zenon on alto saxophone, Ben Monder on guitar, Thomson Kneeland on bass, Jordan Perlson on drums. Avey took music from Haitian drum ensembles and then transcribed it to use as the raw material for the album’s compositions, which consist of three long dynamic pieces: “Kalfou”, “Louverture” and “Cost” all of which latch on to the rhythms designated and make for wonderfully dynamic and colorful performances. There are also subtle interludes for solo piano and percussion, but the music is focused on the longer pieces, where the basic rhythms that Avey transcribed serve as foundations for a wonderful series of improvisations, and where all of the musicians are allowed ample solo space, allowing the music swerves from moody and slow to frenetic without anyone missing a beat. This album was a labor of love for Bobby Avey, who put a tremendous amount of work into the project. That work pays off handsomely with a challenging and rewarding album. Authority Melts From Me - amazon.com

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