Saturday, June 14, 2014

Led Bib - The People in Your Neighborhood (Cuneiform, 2014)

A jazz group that is hard hitting enough to get nominated for Britain's rock and pop Mercury Prize in 2010, Led Bib consists of Mark Holub on drums, Liran Donin on bass, Toby McLaren on keyboards and Chris Williams and Pete Grogan on saxophones. “New Teles” opens this album with a fast and sure performance, the group solos and plays collectively in a nimble fashion. "Giant Bean” dispenses with all pretenses and just stomps like a feral beast with dynamic cries of saxophone leading the call to battle along with punishing drum work. Riffing horns lead the band into “This Roofus” and then into a section of great saxophone playing aided and abetted by subtle electronics and locked in electric bass and drumming. “Plastic Monster” has the majestic feel on an epic cinematic screening. Flowing from elements of funk into swirling electronics led vortexes of sound, the band is impressive and exciting throughout. This is their most cohesive album to date: the music is strong and dynamic and the playing is consistently excellent. This would make a perfect gateway for curious rock fans into the realm of jazz. The People In Your Neighbourhood -

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