Thursday, July 03, 2014

Peter Brotzmann and Sonny Sharrock - Whatthefuckdoyouwant (Trost, 2014)

Just in time for the fourth of July is an album filled with fireworks of the best kind, a wonderful archival release whose music is as audacious as its title. This is an eleven movement collective improvisation, with Sonny Sharrock on electric guitar and Peter Brotzmann on his usual coterie of reed instruments: alto, tenor and bass saxophones and tarogato. These two musicians made up half of the great free-jazz outfit Last Exit, and that special pairing works here as well, where they use the momentum of each others sound to slingshot them into greater and greater feats of improvisation. Throughout the lengthy duet improvisation we hear Sharrock shooting out jagged shards of sounds, and laser like bursts of energy. Near the middle of the set he goes into overdrive, shredding his instrument with a speed and a force that would certainly be an inspiration to many heavy metal musicians lucky enough to hear it. Peter Brotzmann barrels into the fray as only he can, and his tenor saxophone playing in particular is a force of nature. As he cycles through his instruments, they lead to different textures and colors in the music. These guys can certainly can blow the house down and do at times, but they are also capable of waves and tones of music that might surprise the jaded fan. This in an absolute must for fans of free-jazz and avant-rock, it is a glorious carnival of madness to submerge yourself in. Whatthefuckdoyouwant - iTunes.

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