Friday, August 01, 2014

Rich Halley 4 - The Wisdom of Rocks (CD Baby, 2014)

Saxophonist Rich Halley may be a little bit under the radar, as he lives in works in Portland, Oregon (which has a fine jazz scene in it's own right) rather then a more traditional hotspot like New York City. But he makes world class jazz as can be heard on this album. Accompanied by Michael Vlatkovich on trombone, Clyde Reed on bass and Carson Halley on drums, they make very a very exciting amalgam of hard bop with freer sections along the lines of the classic Ornette Coleman quartet. Horn led openings to tracks like "Atoll" and "A Brief Note" make for exciting powerful launchpads for riffs and twined interplay. This is a solid jazz session that uses the free-bop of the mid-1960’s Blue Note era as a jumping off point for a series of well done improvisations. Saxophone, trombone, bass and drums are in for the ride throughout making for an excellent modern jazz LP. Wisdom of Rocks -

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