Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Bad Plus - Inevitable Western (Okeh, 2014)

The Bad Plus: bassist Reid Anderson, drummer Dave King and pianist Ethan Iverson have become such an established group on the jazz scene that it is hard to remember the controversy they engendered when they first started. They have grown in many ways since then, from rock covers to ambitious projects like The Rite of Spring, to albums like this which is composed of all original material. What makes their music continuously interesting is their use of dynamics, whether from song to song or within each song itself. On this album, the music begins with the low key and emotional "I Hear You" but then shifts gears for "Gold Prisms Incorporated" which has an urgent and percussive feel with each member of the group adding to the rhythmic nature of the performance. Many of the other songs on this album explore ways in which rhythm and tempo can affect music. So I think overall this album worked very well, the musicians have worked together long enough to build an empathetic trust to carry them through whatever comes their way. Inevitable Western -

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