Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Wayne Shorter - Classic Blue Note Recordings (Blue Note, 2002) This is an excellent compilation of saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter's early career. This was a period of explosive growth for Shorter, he was playing in the bands of Art Blakey and Miles Davis as well as recording as a leader and a sideman for Blue Note.  Represented here are selections from Shorter's term with Blakey, the Pres tribute "Lester Left  Town" and the explosive "The Chess Players." The combination of Shorter's songwriting and Blakey's relentless propulsive swing is unstoppable. Under his own leadership Shorter's composing ability became pronounced. The lush, alluring nature of "Speak No Evil" and "Infant Eyes" to the standard to-be "Footprints" and the experimental "Super Nova."

Interstatic - Arise (Rare Noise, 2014) This is an organ trio that isn't your normal groove unit. Keyboardist Roy Powell, guitarist Jacob Young and drummer Jarle Vespestad make for a powerful group comparable to Tony Williams classic Lifetine lineup or the underrated powerful group Love Cry Want. Larry Young anchored both of these bands and Powell takes the same role driving with keyboards and basslines and allowing space for lighting bolts if electric guitar and kinetic drumming. From atmospheric cinematic compositions to driving jazz-rock, the group cuts an impressive figure. 

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