Friday, September 26, 2014

Jeremiah Cymerman with Nate Wooley and Evan Parker - World of Objects (5049 Records, 2014)

Clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman is a very busy man: he is a label-owner, podcaster, solo and group improvisor and he has a day job on top of it. This album was a labor of love for him, a completely improvised session between Cymerman doubling on electronics, trumpeter Nate Wooley and legendary British saxophonist Evan Parker. Recorded at The Stone about one year ago, the music consists of three improvised pieces: the epic "Box of Memories" along with "And the Call of the Wild Beckoned Them" and finally "Men of Distinction." The music is quite adventurous with the musicians feeling each other out in the beginning, and then delving deeper into the improvised fabric. The instruments blend well together and, while the music they make is challenging, there are points of reference and also points where the music is like a funhouse reflecting the music in many directions. The introduction of the electronics adds to the disorientation, allowing one instrument to loop and play against and then rejoin the music make for a very exciting addition to the proceedings. This is very good and fascinating music, made by three excellent musicians in the mindful moment which moves from meditation to cacophony but never loses its sense of focus. World of Objects -

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