Friday, September 18, 2015

Forro Zinho - Forro in the Dark plays Zorn (Tzadik, 2015)

Electric guitarist Guilherme Monteiro is one of a large cast that makes up Forro in the Dark, a band that combines Brazilian music with just about anything else to get a very interesting percussion-heavy, rhythmic dance music. “Uluwati” opens the album with fun sounding guitar and percussion. There is a sound reminiscent John Zorn’s exotica band The Dreamers, with their floating sound and slinky percussion. Sparks and smears of cool guitar play off against flute and percussion to create a very interesting and alluring sound. There is a fast and exciting beat that drives  “Life is Real only Then When I Am” developing into a very nice rhythm for flute, bass and shiny guitar to get everybody moving on a very danceable tune. “Sunset Surfer” filters the likes of The Ventures and Dick Dale though a Brazilian lens opening with a brief electronic dance snippet before moving into a sultry and humid section of guitar and percussion. The percussionists are light, fast and nimble, moving the music forward with a subtle grace that is perfect to accompany guitar and flute. Thumping bass, percussion and pulverizing guitar imbue the cinematic “Zavebe” with the cool feel of a 1970’s grindhouse film score. Baritone saxophone pulsates underneath it all with snarling guitar for some wonderfully sleazy fun. “Tempo de Festa” employs a more pinched sounding guitar as the music moves back into the street for a spontaneous party feel. There are shades of accordion pumping the music forward in the company of powerful bass. “Annabel” is a short blast of rocking guitar and melodic saxophone, with handclaps adding to the percussive furor and strong guitar riffing. This is fun party music, not a serious beard-scratching affair. It would be a blast to see this band playing an outdoor festival, because their all-inclusive blend of music would be sure to get the audience up and moving. Forro in the Dark Plays Zorn -

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