Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Moster - When You Cut Into the Present (Hubro Music, 2015)

Norwegian saxophonist Kjetil Moster is a very busy man, playing in jazz, improvised music, electro-acoustic noise, free rock, hip hop, pop and groups. In his own band Moster, he combines all of these influences in a powerhouse band that also employs Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan on guitar, Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen on bass and Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen  on drums. “Nebula and Red Giant” shows Moster’s raw and ominous saxophone sounding possessed, along with eerie and haunted smears of guitar. Driving bass and drums kick in pushing the saxophone harder, until it is digging deep and really going for it, and the whole band starts really wailing with elements of jazz, fusion, krautrock and progressive rock all woven together. There is a slow grind to “Bandha” akin to the blues with nice sultry saxophone and bass and smears of overdriven guitar. The music feels grungy and dirty, with deep baritone saxophone and crushing drums as if this were their Black Sabbath tribute number. There’s a funky section toward the muddle, where’s Kapstad’s deep pocket is used to great success by the other musicians. They all cut loose with a deep darkfunk collective improvisation close out the song. Cool guitar and percussion usher in “The Future Leaks Out” with a massive beat that you might expect in a downtown club rather than in a “jazz” band. They develop a deep psychedelic groove as shards of guitar arc through the music and swirl around it, and powering an absolutely crushing full band improvisation. Mind Blown. “Journey” takes us back into jazz territory with a full throated and yearning saxophone soloing seemingly looking for something lost or unattainable. There is a solo bass segue to a misty ballad feel ballad as the music drifter before the guitar beams sharp lasers through it, a loud wake up call. “Soundhouse Rumble” gets everybody up and moving again right out of the gate as they blast forward behind Moster’s lead. The full band is in sync and their three albums and touring together has made them a very tight unit.  Kapstad breaks it down again into a fine tight solo and then everybody is back in the act driving this excellent first rate crowd pleaser to the end. This was a cracker of an album, short and sweet. All of the musicians are excellent and well attuned to one another, and they are perfectly happy throwing the rulebook out the window. When You Cut Into the Present - amazon.com

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