Sunday, May 01, 2016

Kali Z. Fasteau - Intuit (Flying Note, 2016)

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Kali. Z. Fasteau is a musical freethinker who has released twenty albums as leader, mostly on her own Flying Note label. On this album she plays drums, flute, viola and more in the company of fellow multi-instrumentalist L.M. Rozie and tenor saxophonist Kidd Jordan. “Spring in Your Step” opens the album with a cool rhythm and a delightfully raw saxophone sound. The percussion is rolling freely and carefully and strikes a fine mark with the very natural sounding saxophone. There is a creepy feel to the air of “Subliminal Song,” with the music having a forlorn quality that is broken by shaken percussion and flute that takes the music on a journey into the outer reaches of the senses that are more shamanistic and ritualistic. “Outlands” is an unadorned improvised segment, sounding much like something from the Sun Ra Arkestra if he gave a saxophonist and drummer an opportunity to stretch out. The music is fast and exciting with rolling drums and roaring saxophone making for a very intense duet. Dark saxophone and sawed bowing viola meet on “Lineage” and the bowed instrument makes an excellent and haunting drone while the saxophone buzzes and circles around developing a lengthy and fresh improvisation. “Winged Horses” is one of the highlights of the album, with pummeling drumming and loud and deeply felt expressions of saxophone making for a cacophonous and thrilling musical meeting. The peals of air and the punishing rhythm never overwhelm, but carry the music on a powerful wave of emotion through to its conclusion. An interesting duet of flute and saxophone is at the core of “Tweets” in which the instruments are flying about one another in open space. Flute and saxophone spar and manipulate themselves into seeing all of the different sounds that can be discovered from themselves. The album ends in a very exciting manner with “Steering Joy” which is a full out free jazz blowout with saxophone and drum pugilism at a very high level. Scalding over the top saxophone with wailing drums take the music out on an ecstatic and memorable note. The music works quite well as a whole, and since so many instruments are in play it makes the trio seem like a larger unit. The musicians fully engage with each other and share a mindspace that allows creative exciting music to flow forth unimpeded. Intuit -

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