Sunday, August 28, 2016

AutorYno - Flauros: The Book of Angels 29 (Tzadik, 2016)

Reputed to be one of the final installments of the epic series of compositions The Book of Angels by John Zorn, the baton is handed to AutorYno, an enthusiastic power trio and one of the most interesting bands in the French music scene. The trio consists of Bertrand Delorme on bass, Cyril Grimaud on drums and David Konopnicki on guitar. Their path is to take compositions from the Book of Angels and play them in a heavy rock context. Punk rock, heavy metal and Mahavishnu Orchestra like jazz-fusion come together in this hypnotic and powerful reading some of the strongest and strangest pieces out of the Masada repertoire. They play in a dynamic fashion that allows them to draw strength from the source material and use that is a springboard like on the opener “Carcas” which is one level a bruising rocker, but another listen reveals shifting tempos and rhythms that show that the group is in complete control of the situation. “Saelel” shows the band juxtaposing thick riffs with nimble ensemble play, recalling mid-1970’s King Crimson in the process. Konopnicki squalls mightily on guitar with the bass and drums with him every step of the way. Reverberating guitar and thick bass usher in “Uvmiel” and the music has a deep visceral presence. Guitar effects twist and turn the music into a hydra headed monster driving relentlessly to the finish line. Massive manic guitar and bass riffs and pummeling drumming develop throughout “Qaddisin” which the band uses to sculpt and mold the music to their will. “Abrimas” pushes the music forward dynamically with on a dime start/stop motions. It’s over so quickly that the music seems to have spontaneously combusted. Overall, this was a very successful recording, showing that while the Book of Angels may be nearing its conclusion, the compositions remain very strong and offer a band like AutorYno to really demonstrate the depth of their abilities. Flauros: The Book of Angels 29 -

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