Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Nate Wooley, Hugo Antunes, Jorge Queijo, Mário Costa and Chris Corsano - Purple Patio (NoBusiness Records, 2016)

This group represents some of the cream of the American and European improvised music scene, including Nate Wooley on trumpet, Hugo Antunes on bass and Jorge Queijo, Mário Costa and Chris Corsano on drums. All of the music was collectively composed and improvised and this album was recorded May 12, 2012 in Portugal. “Parturition” begins the album in an explosive fashion with fast and hard drums and slashing trumpet making for a very exciting performance. There is a ferocity here that is found nowhere else on the album, and even when they throttle back, it’s just to marshal forces to surge forth once again with gales of percussion and trumpet rushing to the finish in a thrilling and life affirming performance. Long tones of trumpet usher in “Aurora” which is punctuated with streams and squeaks of sound. The bass builds in both bowed and plucked and the percussion develops in a skittering, nervous fashion. The group slowly gains velocity in an elusive and ride ranging improvisation. “Animals” envelops the listener in subtle interplay between Wooley and the percussionists. The music is tight and the development of the collective improvisation between trumpet, bass and drummers is unhurried and thoughtful. Bowed bass and rumbling percussion are the foundation or “Triangle” making way for a lengthy percussion dialogue that is subtle and nuanced. Finally, “Sueca” has deep bass and rolling percussion backed by strong trumpet playing. The group gets a respectful clean sound that is well articulated with Wooley’s horn juxtaposed against the thicket of percussion and bass. The music ends strong with piercing trumpet and thick bass resonating against the ripening drumming in a very exciting fashion. Purple Patio - NoBusiness Records

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