Monday, January 16, 2017

Ivo Perelman with William Parker and Gerald Cleaver - The Art of the Improv Trio Volume 4 (Leo Records, 2016)

Tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman releases another excellent album in this ambitious series of trio recordings with this very exciting encounter between himself and the incomparable William Parker on bass and Perelman's go-to drummer, Gerald Cleaver. This is a great recording, a three section collective improvisation that allows the trio an expansive arena in which to express themselves. "Part One" begins the movement in a patient and thoughtful manner, gradually developing the improvisation in a rich fashion. The main event is "Part Two" which is a very impressive forty minute performance that moves forward at a very nice pace. Cleaver is the perfect drummer for this type of free jazz, and he guides the music into developing episodically, moving waves of percussive sound that ebbs and flows, adding color and shading to the music. Parker's bass playing is on a grand scale with a huge tone and the dexterity to move all around the sound landscape, supporting and accenting the music. Perelman is particularly inspired in this section, reaching deep within himself for some of his most lyrical, yet unfettered playing to date. The masterful support of Parker and Cleaver allow Perelman to to manipulate the time and space of the music, moving in three spacial dimensions plus time to create music that moves from raw and unfettered to abstract and spacious. "Part Three" wraps up the music nicely, providing a logical and thoughtful conclusion to a well played and recorded performance. This is vibrant and exciting jazz that is made up of the sound of surprise and collaboration between like minded souls. The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 4 -

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