Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chicago Edge Ensemble - Decaying Orbit (Music+, 2017)

The city of Chicago is know for it's broad shouldered head strong jazz from the time Louis Armstrong brought the revolution north on a train from New Orleans through to fellow travelers Sun Ra, the members of the AACM, Ken Vandermark and the modern day keepers of the flame. Guitarist Dan Phillips brought together a hard hitting crew to pay respect to the jazz of Chicago, enlisting Mars Williams on saxophones, Hamid Drake on drums, Jeb Bishop on trombone and Krysztof Pabian on bass. The music works very well, combining the brawny swing the town is known for with progressive free elements that add to the excitement. The album is dynamic and ever evolving, starting with the lengthy opener "Attitude Adjustment" which develops patiently with complex horn interplay and solos that seem to bubble up from the firmament of the music itself. "Bi-Polar Vortex" begins with a rush of fast and exciting sound, incorporating collective and solo improvisations. After the manic episode of the cascading free improv ripens until the inevitable happens and the music crashes into a descending spiral to its uncertain conclusion. "Uptown Swagger" has the leader's snarling and snaking electric guitar locking in with with thick bass and propulsive drumming and shades of brass. It's a righteous and exciting tune that moves at a snappy pace with the snotty guitar making way for muscular horns and a sparkling saxophone solo. A strikingly brawny theme open "Not Here You Don't," creating an urgent atmosphere of anticipation. The storm clouds arrive and squalls of torrential music rain down in a startling collectively improvised section, led by crashing drums. A sparking guitar solo breaks free showering the scene with showers of flinty sound before the brisk and no-nonsense horns return to usher the music to a fine conclusion. This is a fine album of interesting themes and powerful performances by the full ensemble and the soloists. Everyone draws deeply from the limitless well of the city's musical history and creates a bold and thoughtful statement. Decaying Orbit - Bandcamp

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