Friday, March 24, 2017

Interesting Links 3/24

  • NPR uncovers the bizarre story of the most pricey record never sold: "Discogs, Billy Yeager And The $18,000 Hoax That Almost Was."
  • There is a long and fascinating interview on with the man himself: "Q and A with Bill Flanagan."
  • The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp: February 2017.
  • Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth is the feature on the most recent Bimhaus Radio podcast. "Chris Cheek and Tony Malaby on tenor saxophone, Craig Taborn on piano/wurlitzer, Chris Lightcap on doublebass and Gerald Cleaver drums."
  • Chuck Berry died at age 90, he was one of the few musicians who legitimately changed the world.
  • Rob Mazurek speaks out about the new Chicago/London Underground LP, and his collaboration with Emmett Kelly. (Last week's link was broken... sorry!)
  • NPR has information about the new Lee Morgan documentary "I Called Him Morgan."

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