Friday, March 17, 2017

Led Bib - Umbrella Weather (RareNoise Records, 2017)

Led Bib is a consistently interesting progressive British jazz band with fusion overtones consisting of Mark Holub on drums, Pete Grogan and Chris Williams on alto saxophone, Liran Donin on bass and Toby McLaren on keyboards. This is a forward looking jazz ensemble that has evolved to the to a point where their trust each other implicitly and allow the music to flow naturally. They develop a muscular form of music that sets interesting and memorable themes which evolve into spirited improvisations. Most of the music on this album came about organically in the studio through a tight sense of collective improvisation, starting with “Lobster Terror," which opens the album with a choppy melody that makes way for some excellent collective playing from the group and then evolves into “Too Many Cooks,” which ups the ante even further, folding in elements of rock and electronic music to make for a very powerful performance. It's not all blistering tempos however, because on the wonderfully named “Insect Invasion” the band develops an atmospheric and spaced out groove which is also used on the melodic and jaunty concluding track “Goodbye." The group has become a stable and well oiled machine, evolving naturally and incorporating on each of the member's ideas and influences. The band adroitly travels the realms of jazz with pop and world music overtones, creating something provocative and memorable. Having two saxophones moving together over a heavy rhythm team that keeps the music moving continuously forward creates a very powerful sense of momentum. The band has developed gradually from a group that Holub put together for a university project into an organic and ever changing group of musicians. Hopefully we can receive more regular updates on their progress. Umbrella Weather -

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