Friday, April 14, 2017

Trio Heinz Herbert - The Willisau Concert (Intakt Records, 2017)

This is a young collective band consisting of Dominic Landolt on guitar and effects, Ramon Landolt on synthesizers, samples and piano and Mario Hänni on drums and effects. The three musicians set out to great a wholly individual music, one that combines precision and playfulness with a sense of exploration and experimentation. "Granulare Liebe/LEI" opens the album with a massive edifice of sound, one which sounds much larger than the work of three musicians, using electronic sound and percussion to develop a clicking, whirring and industrial sound that builds an angry and ominous energy, moving faster and faster to the end where the music drops off suddenly. Spacey drips of sound and mysterious smears of electronic noise swirl about on "Fragment Z/Brugguda" before the group builds more intense and repetitive nature to the music, using the coiled energy they develop to build a scratching and fractured rhythm. "Hyper Down" opens with spare sounds, near silence that allows spacious electronics to play off against open piano chords. Slowly, the music begins to spread out and fill in, as light percussion and low toned guitar with shimmering piano glide into the picture. Shards of guitar and electronics over a skittering drum beat, leading the rest of the concert into a loud/soft dynamism that alternates abstract passages of sound with sections of rocking jazz fusion as the music continually simmers and storms. The music on this album is spacious and textural, a weave that only hints at jazz, with a strong experimental sheen that makes it a challenging listen, infused with its freedom and spirit of adventure. The Willisau Concert -

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