Thursday, July 13, 2017

Steve Coleman - Morphogenesis (Pi Recordings, 2017)

Saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman is an enigmatic musician who is always looking around the next corner, incorporating philosophical and non-musical ideas as inspiration for his compositions. He is a writer and performer of complex music, yet somehow that music remains accessible, with interesting themes constantly bubbling up abetted by witty improvised sections. Many of the musicians on this album have been in Coleman's extended circle for quite some time and they are more then up to the task of performing his knotty music. In addition to Coleman on alto saxophone, the band consists of Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet, Maria Grand on tenor saxophone, Rane Moore on clarinet; Kristin Lee on violin, Jen Shyu on vocals, Matt Mitchell on piano, Greg Chudzik on bass and Neeraj Mehta on percussion for about half of the tracks. The development of textures and the interplay among player is the is the foremost mission of the band, beginning with the composition "Inside Game" which slowly builds over nine and a half minutes, with reeds and brass developing sweeping forays into the source code of the song while wordless vocals and violin slip and sway around the music which is rooted by thick bass and piano. "Morphing" is the centerpiece of the recording, and at fourteen minutes in length it develops a suite-like structure, allowing themes and melodies to rise up from the simmering cauldron of the music and engage the musicians with open ended opportunities for self expression within the boundaries of the composition. This album was quite interesting to hear, especially when you place it in the context of Steve Coleman's last few LP's. His close relationship with Pi Recordings has given him the opportunity to record regularly while tweaking and modifying the music and the musicians as he sees fit. It is a daunting road that he has embarked upon, but with he is producing excellent results and has a clear-headed vision for the future. Morphogenesis -

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