Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tim Daisy - Animation (Relay Records, 2018)

Percussionist and composer Tim Daisy delivers another excellent album with a crack band that includes James Falzone on clarinet, Steve Swell on trombone, Josh Berman on cornet, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello and Dave Rempis on alto and baritone saxophones. This album was recorded at the Elastic Arts Foundation in Chicago in 2017, and it presents three long and meaty tracks that really allow the band to dig in and explore the terrain, with in depth collective improvisations and also solos and features for smaller groupings of instruments within the larger whole. The compositions on this album are inspired by a wide range of modern musical concepts like the improvisation and composition ideas that were developed in Chicago from the mid sixties to today by the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. AACM musicians like Muhal Richard Abrams, Roscoe Mitchell, Anthony Braxton and many others developed powerful ideas of foundation and texture that connects them to modern composers and improvisers like Daisy and his colleagues. The group is called the Fulcrum Ensemble (this is their second album) and their music evolves from the assimilation of these historical influences and many others from a wide variety of music, developing a forward thinking music that focuses on creating something personal and thoughtful. The group has every intention to keep creating these unique collaborative sounds together well into the future. By making use of some of the finest musicians in today’s creative improvised music world, the conception of these compositions and their resulting improvisations makes the most of their strong manner of playing, their holistic experience reflected upon the nature of the music, incorporating graciousness, assertiveness and spirit of adventure that the ensemble members provide. The music on this album is quite diverse, running the gamut from jazz to free improvisation and beyond, providing a wide range of musical color and structure. This is a very exciting group that really thrives on the unexpected and develops their music accordingly. Animation -

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