Thursday, July 19, 2018

Chad Taylor - Myths and Morals (Ears and Eyes, 2018)

Chad Taylor is one of the most well respected drummers on the modern music scene with credits far beyond the traditional jazz setting branching out into world music, rock and pop. This album was very interesting, it's ostensibly a solo percussion album, but the use of electronics and a delay pedal makes the overall soundcscape considerably wider, occasionally cinematic or overtly experimental in scope. This moves the music out of any definitive genre and into exciting ephemeral territory, with a diverse range of drum and percussion instruments brought together and melded with impressive technique hinting at many influences while taking a fresh and unique approach to the project as a whole. "Island of the Blessed" clocks in at over nine minutes and it is the most fiercely independent track on the album using pure noise to frame percussion patterns and motifs, taking on a progressive and psychedelic path while falling into the tropes of neither. The bonus cut at the end of the album, "Simcha," has Taylor joined by Elliot Bergman on electric kalimba and this excellent closer perhaps points the direction that Taylor will take next in his solo recordings, as the multi-rhythmic world music that the the two musicians combine to create on this brief snippet leaves the door open for an interesting collaboration. This album worked very well, Taylor is much more than a drummer, he is a musical conceptional artist that can build, adapt and process a wide range of rhythms in the search of interesting and invigorating music and in doing so create a compelling narrative all his own. Myths and Morals -

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