Saturday, November 24, 2018

Trio Heinz Herbert - Yes (Intakt,2018)

Trio Heinz Herbert is an electronic jazz band consisting of Dominik Landolt on guitar and effects, Ramon Landolt on synths, samples and piano and Mario Hänni on drums and effects. Mixing free jazz with psychedelic rock and aspects of modern electronic music to create a true modern  fusion, driven by energetic improvisation. The opening track "J" has scattered beats and electronic passages with acoustic piano layered within them. They create a wide soundscape, where the atmosphere has breathing room, pulsating electronic beats upping the pace, with crisp drumming creating a full undulating sound for the band. Swirling arcs of electronic sound weave around the beats and chattering sounds, leading into pummeling percussion, as the never still music marches on. "J++" bursts out with the full band creating a vibrant and in your face sound of electronics and drumming that beats like the heart of an animal and cries with snarling electric guitar over its short running time. "Kohasion" develops a subtle guitar groove, that soon meets thick drumming and resonant piano in an ominous performance that would be perfect in a Scandinavian crime drama. They reach out melodically and rhythmically, developing the piece thematically as it gradually increases in pace and volume. They meet a glitchy section that clanks and whirrs alarmingly before gaining strength for the conclusion. "Silo Partikel" leads with crunchy electronics grinding their way forward, developing a tight rhythm, and an enclosed atmosphere that borders on claustrophobic. bursts of sound, static and oppressive marching beats bear down upon the listener, opening into beams of electronics and heavy drumming, building a swirling miasma of sound. Their mastery of dynamic flow allows the trio to blend in areas of uneasy calm to the overall sound sculpture, providing definition of the whole of their creation. Lightening the mood a bit "Gravity" inserts a solid rhythm against a keyboard motif, before taking flight in a fast paced krautrock meets alt-rock flight into the upper atmosphere. Hanni's tight beat is the key providing a fulcrum around which the loud and strange electronics can ply their wares. "Darkspace" has a haunted ambiance of a science fiction film or video game, with spare electronics and guitar providing the atmosphere of loneliness, exploring a derelict spaceship orbiting a distant planet, with smears of electronic noise and melancholy piano used to chilling effect. If you're into post-modern fusion, this is definitely an album worth checking out, these musicians have the benefit of the most up to date technology and use it to create music that defies easy categorization. and challenge their audience to listen and explore with them. Yes -

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