Sunday, May 05, 2019

Baba Andrew Lamb Trio - The Night of the 13th Moon (LFDS Records, 2019)

Saxophonist Baba Andrew Lamb led this excellent and exciting album accompanied by Yoram Rosillo on bass and Rafael Koerner on drums. Recorded live in Paris in June of 2018 the group played two sets of highly charged and stimulating free jazz beginning with "Set 1 A" which opens with subtle drumming and cymbal playing, before the bass player and saxophonist enter enter creating a sound that is strong and supple. They gradually pick up speed to a fast and powerful free jazz improvisation, playing in a vigorous and robust fashion, really hitting their stride with brilliant saxophone and deep rhythm. The group downshifts and Lamb sits out to give the bassist and drummer space for an intricate feature before returning with long held notes that call out and build an emotional solo statement which engages with his partners and drives for the finish line in an exciting manner. "Set 1 B" Opens with a long bass solo, and Rosillo plays with a great tone and control, soon aided by the drummer Koerner who adds further texture expanding the rhythmic base and providing a firm foundation for Lamb who enters several minutes in, bringing all of the disparate threads of the music together for a fine three way improvisation. He digs in deep and really sets out to explore the available territory, taking nothing for granted, soloing over fast and complex drums and bass and developing a collective improvisation at a very high level, as the saxophone and windswept rhythm sound unstoppable. Saxophone and rhythm churn right out of the gate on the finale, "Set 2 A," creating a very exciting performance. Their speed is very fast and the group tears through a complex improvisation with ease as Lamb's saxophone breathes fire and the percussion dances on cymbals and the bass stretches to accommodate all. As the improvisation reaches its peak, Lamb reaches for the upper register of his horn in a thrilling manner, then repeating small cells of notes to gather energy and burst out into another energetic and original solo. This album worked very well, and it is very inspiring to hear musicians courageous enough explore music to in its most raw and unfettered format, performing live and free without a net. Night of the 13th Moon - LFDS Records Bandcamp

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