Saturday, October 19, 2019

Crosscurrents Trio - Good Hope (Edition Records, 2019)

Crosscurrents Trio is an excellent group consisting of veteran musicians Dave Holland on bass, Zakir Hussain on tabla and Chris Potter on saxophones. Holland and Potter have been playing together for many hears now in different configurations, and the addition of Hussain is a wonderful idea, jolting the music in a different direction, and giving each member of the band the freedom to try new ideas and concepts. The trio plays with a loose and elastic sound, grounded in jazz, but infused with near eastern music that allows them to go in many unique and interesting directions. The compositions are split nearly evenly between the band members, and solo flights are de-emphasized, in turn placing the focus of the recording on rhythm and the grooves that the players lock into together, digging into deeply and creating fascinating collective improvisational flourishes. Each of these musicians is a leader in their own right, but ego is placed aside for deeply hewn explorations, and subtlety is the key to many of the performances with Holland's deep and rich sounding acoustic bass is able to stretch and pull around the swirling hypnotic tablas which develop fast complex ever changing rhythms. All of these ideas and concepts come together to create a cohesive musical language, one that is inspired by creative good will, drawing each member of the band into the other one's orbit, until you have a Venn diagram of sound and projection. There is no ego at play here, the album as a whole is executed with high spirits, respect and goodwill, exploring disparate sonic territory with heartfelt bonhomie, bringing together creative musicians from different backgrounds and traditions in an open minded and thoughtful environment. Good Hope -

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