Monday, December 30, 2019

El Intruso Critics Poll 2019 Ballot

I was invited to take part in the 12th Annual International Critics Poll of the web journal El Intruso, and here were my selections:

Musician of the year: Dave Rempis
Newcomer Musician: Junius Paul
Group of the year: Matthew Shipp Trio
Newcomer group: Sun of Goldfinger
Album of the year: Dave Rempis / Brandon Lopez / Ryan Packard - The Early Bird Gets (Aerophonic Records, 2019)
Composer: Angel Bat Dawid
Drums: Gerald Cleaver
Acoustic Bass: William Parker
Electric Bass: Jasper Stradhouders
Guitar: David Torn
Piano: Matthew Shipp
Keyboards/Synthesizer/Organ: Matt Mitchell
Tenor Saxophone: Rodrigo Amado
Alto Saxophone: Angelika Niescier
Baritone Saxophone: Dave Sewelson
Soprano Saxophone: Sam Newsome
Trumpet/Cornet: Jamie Branch
Clarinet/bass clarinet: Jason Stein
Trombone: Steve Swell
Flute: Nicole Mitchell
Violin/Viola: Jessica Pavone
Cello: Tomeka Reid
Vibraphone: Joel Ross
Electronics: Christof Kurzmann
Others instruments: Heather Leigh, pedal steel guitar
Female Vocals: Leena Conquest
Male Vocals: Ben Lamar Gay
Best Live Band: Chris Potter Circuits
Record Label: Clean Feed

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