Saturday, June 13, 2020

Jazz Times Best Albums of the 1990's Poll

Jazz Times is working on projects to commemorate it's anniversary, one of which is asking for input about the ten best (unranked) albums of recent decades. I just caught up with this recently with the poll for the 1990's, where there are several suggested albums with check boxes, and a (too) small area for write in votes. These are the albums I came up with with a cursory off the cuff glance, with the results to be published at a later date.

Don Pullen - Random Thoughts (Blue Note, 1990)
John Zorn - Naked City (Nonesuch, 1990)
Sonny Sharrock - Ask the Ages (Axiom, 1991)
Bill Frisell - Have a Little Faith (Elektra, 1992)
Ginger Baker Trio - Going Back Home (Atlantic, 1994)
Franklin Kiermyer - Solomon’s Daughter (Evidence, 1994)
Gateway - Homecoming (ECM, 1995)
(Write-in) Thomas Chapin Trio - Sky Piece (Knitting Factory, 1997)
(Write-in) Sam Rivers - Concept (Rivbea, 1997)
(Write-in) Dave Holland Quintet - Prime Directive (ECM, 1999) 

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