Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Catalytic Sound Festival 2020

Catalytic Sound Festival 2020 will take place this weekend, July 10-12 in conjunction with ESS Quarantine Concerts. The festival will feature two programs each day of performances and new work from all 23 members of the Catalytic Sound Co-Op, plus numerous collaborators. There will also be discussion panels each afternoon at 3:00 p.m., on the relationship between the art and music worlds, the international spectrum of approaches in arts organizing, and the future of experimental music in this turbulent moment. You can see a preview of the festival website here. Check out the lineup below for more details. 

Suggested donation: $10 per program. All donations will go to the artists. Catalytic Sound is a music-based co-operative working to develop new economic models for experimental musicians.

SCHEDULE: All times PM, US Central Time

Friday July 10th 
Interstitial videos by Kim Alpert 

Program 1: 
1 Terrie Ex / Ab Baars / Ig Henneman 1:35 Jaap Blonk 
2 Ken Vandermark 2:25 Paal Nilssen-Love / Frode Gjerstad 
3 Discussion Panel 1 (Art/Music) with John Corbett, Ben Hall, Bonnie Jones. Moderated by Kim Alpert. 

Program 2: 
7 Sylvie Courvoisier 
7:25 Brandon Lopez 
7:50 Nate Wooley / Ikue Mori 
8:25 Fred Lonberg-Holm / Joe McPhee 

Saturday July 11th 
Interstitial videos by Patrick Cain 

Program 1: 
1 Elisabeth Harnik 
1:25 Icepick (Corsano / Håker Flaten / Wooley) 
2 Mats Gustafsson 
2:25 Terrie Ex / Andy Moor 
3 Discussion Panel 2 (DIY/Funding) with Terrie Ex, Luke Stewart, Joe Morris, Nate Cross (Astral Spirits Records). Moderated by Olivia Junell. 

Program 2: 
7 Tim Daisy & Dave Rempis 
7:35 Luke Stewart 
8 Joe McPhee 
8:25 Marker (Vandermark / Stewart / Clinkman / Marquette / Sudderberg) 

Sunday July 12th 
Interstitial videos by Federico Peñalva 

Program 1: 
1 Chris Corsano 
1:30 Susan Alcorn / Macie Stewart / Tim Daisy 
2:05 Ingebrigt Håker Flaten / Håkon Kornstad 
2:40 Mats Gustafsson / Jaap Blonk / Fred Lonberg-Holm 
3:15 Discussion Panel 3 (Where Are We Going?) with Andy Moor, Macie Stewart, Nate Wooley. Moderated by Ken Vandermark. 

Program 2: 
7 Ikue Mori 
7:25 Claire Rousay 
7:50 Ben Hall / Bonnie Jones / Luke Stewart 
8:25 Joe Morris

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