Tuesday, December 01, 2020

NPR Music Jazz Poll ballot

I sent in my ballot for the annual NPR Music Jazz poll, hosted by Francis Davis with assistance from Tom Hull. The usual caveats about me being a fan/enthusiast and not a critic apply. I'm going to miss some great records that have come out this year, but there has been some extraordinary music despite the calamities musicians have faced, so I am thankful for their efforts, and grateful for the chance to have heard them.

*Your choices for this year’s 10 best New Releases (albums released between last December 1 and this, give or take) listed in descending order one-through-ten:

1. Anna Hogberg Attack - Lena (Omlott, 2020)
2. Luís Lopes Humanization 4tet - Believe, Believe (Clean Feed, 2020)
3. James Brandon Lewis / Chad Taylor - Live in Willisau (Intakt Records, 2020)
4. Larry Ochs / Aram Shelton Quartet - Continental Drift (Clean Feed, 2020)
5. Alexander von Schlippenbach - Slow Pieces for Aki (Intakt Records, 2020)
6. Matthew Shipp - The Unidentifiable (ESP-Disk, 2020)
7. Full Blast - Farewell Tonic (Trost, 2020)
8. Abbey Rader and John McMinn - Duo from the Heart (Abray Records, 2020)
9. Jon Irabagon - I Don't Hear Nothin' but the Blues Volume 3: Anatomical Snuffbox (Irabbagast Records, 2020)
10. Raoul Björkenheim - Solar Winds (Long Song Records, 2020)

*Your top-three Reissues or Historical albums, again listed in descending order:

1. Sun Ra Arkestra - Heliocentric Worlds 1 and 2 Revisited (ezz-thetics, 2020)
2. Horace Tapscott With The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra - Ancestral Echoes: The Covina Sessions, 1976 (Dark Tree, 2020)
3. Sam Rivers - Archive Series Volume 3: Ricochet (NoBusiness Records, 2020)

*Your choice for the year's best Vocal album

1. Angel Bat Dawid - Live (International Anthem, 2020)

*Your choice for the year's best Debut album

1. Immanuel Wilkins - Omega (Blue Note Records, 2020)

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