Saturday, February 13, 2021

Katarsis4 - Live At The Underground Water Reservoir (NoBusiness Records, 2021)

This interesting and unusual album was recorded live in September of 2019 in an underground water reservoir in Vilnius, Lithuania. The band consists of Arminas Bizys on alto and baritone saxophone, Algirdas Janonis on alto saxophone and hornpipe, Danielius Pancerovas on baritone and alto saxophones and Kazimieras Jušinskas on soprano, alto saxophones. The group presents two lengthy improvisations that meld together into a single performance that flows though their horns and the reverberation of the reservoir, beginning with a frosty and cold sensation which sees the instruments gradually building in from silence as if they were quietly emerging from the water of the reservoir itself. The music develops slowly, creeping up on you, juxtaposed with grinding industrial sounds, and surprising snaps of loud noises, sounding almost like gunshots. Sounding at times like a soundtrack for a dystopian film, the musicians are building an ominous and atmospheric musical edifice through great patience. Part Two of the performance takes things even further, stretching time and space as the sounds of their instruments are transformed by the reflection and refraction of their playing within the special atmosphere of the reservoir. Playing together, they scale heights of volume and intensity and then drop back down, using the dynamic rise of creating surprisingly raw and emotional sounds in the open space, followed by fall of the music into near silence push their sound forward, This was a courageous and well played album, with the group aware of the surroundings, which expand their possibilities and using extended and advanced techniques on their instruments to create a unique sound world all their own. Live At The Underground Water Reservoir - NoBusness Records

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