Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Sao Paulo Underground and Tupperware - Saturno Magico (Keroxen Records, 2021)

The always exciting Sao Paulo Underground Trio consisting of Rob Mazurek on cornet and modular synths, Mauricio Takara on drums, cavaquinho and electronics and Guilherme Granado on keyboards, synthesizers, and sampler, meets up with the electronic music group Tupperware to create a unique disc of music that spans borders and genres. Colorful and imaginative electronic sequences, are met with variable beats and alternately wounded and potent cornet playing that in every case adds a very human connection to the music. Pile driving almost pneumatic beats and drums build in after a period of found sound spoken word, rippling brass against chanted vocals and insistent percussion, creating exciting and truly creative music. Beats and synths play off against human voices like a commentary of man vs. machine, leading to an exhilarating cacophony. This was a fascinating piece of work where all of the instruments both electronic and acoustic come together to create a truly unique combination, made even more resonant, as the album was recorded in a disused kerosene tank in the Canary Islands after a week long residency by both groups. The music on this album works very well, and the music transcends any easy genre description by developing a broad based and resonant sound pushed forth with an energetic vigor. Saturno Magico -

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