Saturday, July 30, 2022

Secret People - Self-Titled (Out Of Your Head Records, 2022)

Secret People is an excellent progressive jazz trio that sounds much larger and fuller than they really are. The group consists of Nathaniel Morgan on alto saxophone, Dustin Carlson on guitar and Bass IV and Kate Gentile on drums and vibraphone. The group develops a complex yet cohesive sound that emphasizes intricate compositions and interwoven collective improvisations. Each member of the band has a unique approach to their instrument which makes their combined efforts so exciting, Morgan has an appealingly gruff tone and his instinctive approach to improvisation keeps the music fresh. He also mixed and engineered the album, giving the music an immediate sound while balancing the instruments carefully. Carlson is particularly impressive, playing slashing guitar chords and understated single lines, and balancing that with the deep sound of the electric Bass IV, which he can use to push the music into Bill Laswell like territory. Kate Gentle has been very active lately as a bandleader and a sideperson, and she is the engine that drives this project forward, developing the intuitive sense of rhythmic balance that each of these tracks need, even adding delicate vibes shading in one case. This album was very successful, the musicians have been working together for years, enveloping influences from dub through jazz to classical, digesting it all in order to create their fast, fleet, constantly evolving music which is a story all its own. Secret People - OOYH Bandcamp

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